Our first aim

is to secure lot 260, called Casado after its present proprietor (grey on the map, approximately 30 000 ha). This lot would connect most of those already in the possession of the Totobiegosode community.  Half of it could be paid by an exchange of land in the possession of INDI (the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs), the other half by purchase. We have committed ourselves to contributing up to US$ 500’000. The rest of the money is to be provided by the government. The main obstacle at present remains the question of the price. At the moment we are trying to get into direct contact with the chief managers of the firm Cacsado in Argentina, as their Paraguayan representatives do not seem to have the power of attorney necessary to settle the question.

Our second aim: PIRAZAL

This includes the purchase of 700 ha scrub- and secondary forest on behalf of a further group of landless Nivaclé-Manjui Indians. They currently live in workers' quarters in and around the Mennonites colony Neuland in the central Chaco area.  The land we are targeting to secure for them is positioned west of the Neuland colony and not far away from the Yacacvash settlement, which we succeeded in funding earlier. The Colony agreed to pre-finance the purchase. The purchase price for the lot is USD 450,000 which includes the administrative and surveying costs. We paid a first installment of USD 140,000. The remainder will be paid in 4 annual installments until 2019.

Our current fundraising efforts are focusing on this project.


At the moment we have approximately US$ 400’000 at our disposal. In the next two years, we shall have to raise at least another US$ 250’000 to meet our obligations.