Our first Project encompassed the purchase of land on behalf of a Community of Nivaclé-Manjui.  The first 1,830 ha were secured in 1999. In 2002 the first 25 families settled on this land and established the Yacacvash Settlement. Since then the community has grown to around 70 families currently. Until 2014 we managed to purchase an additional 1,685 ha of forest and savannah. The total amount we spent on the Yacacvash settlement is around CHF 870,000.  

Our second project consisted in financing lot 7594/6024/28 for the community of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode. This lot was in the possession of a German joint-stock company and was divided up into 143 sub-lots each entitled to single stock-holders. Contracts had to be made for each of them. As the Paraguayan government saw no way of dealing with each of the proprietors, the Swiss Society for the Promotion of Indigenous Landclaims in Chaco of Paraguay took over. It succeeded in securing most of these small lots by the end of 2007. In the mean time the land has been titled to the Totobiegosode.

The total costs of this project amounted to US$ 1’100’000. It was possible to raise this great amount of money thanks to the generous contributions made by the Swiss Cantons of Baselland and Basel-Stadt, by various Swiss foundations and by many private donors among the members and supporters of the Swiss and German Societies.