The Development of the Totobiegosode Land Claim

In 1993 the Paraguayan government, responding to the land claim of the Totobiegosode, issued injunctions prohibiting the sale and/or alteration to an area of approximately 500’000 hectares of forest belonging to various agro firms or ranchers.


In 1994 the Totobiegosode received the land-title to lot 18981.

In 1997 the Totobiegosode regained possession of lot 384. In the same year our organisation started negotiations with the German proprietors of lot 7594/6024. This land could not be purchased by the government, since it had been divided up into 147 small lots of 200 hectares belonging to single small investors. By 2007, most of these lots were secured.

In 1998 the community received the title to lots12971 and 6070.

In 2004 the village of Chaidí was founded on land financed by us.

In 2004/05 the Totobiegosode Land-Claim was included in the UNESCO Programme of Man and the Biosphere.

2008 – 2013: On several occasions the proprietors of lots within the land claim have made tracks into the protected area in order to extract wood, build fences and prepare the land for the raising of cattle. So far most of these attempts have failed because of government interventions. This year, however, one landowner has even trespassed into a lot already titled to the Totobiegosode maintaining that more than half of the land belonged to him. When the government ignored the protests of the community and legal action was delayed, the Totobiegosode blocked the Transchaco Highway vowing not to leave before the authorities took measures to remove the intruders. The demonstration was peaceful, and the representatives of the government promised to act. We are waiting for news on the next steps the new government is willing to take.