The Swiss foundation and its promoting societies are in close cooperation with local and international partners and with national institutions in Paraguay

  • OPIT (Organisación Payipie Ichadie Totobiegosode) is a union of Totobiegosode groups formed to safeguard their rights and interests with respect to landowners and governmental institutions. It sets priorities and keeps the forests of their land claim under close surveillance.

  • GAT (Gente, Ambiente y Territorio) is the NGO founded to promote the Totobiegosode land claim. The headquarters are in Asunción. The board of executives comprises ethnologists, sociologists and lawyers. The lawyers are responsible for all legal aspects including the contracts of land purchase and seeking legal redress in courts. GAT mediates between OPIT and landowners, governmental institutions and international NGOs. It is also responsible for matters of public relations.

  • INDI (the Ministry for Indigenous Affairs )and SEAM (Environmental Secretariat)

  • PNUD (Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo – UN-Development Programme). PNUD presides a Round Table (Mesa Interinstitucional) to promote the land interests of the Totobiegosode.
  • Rainforest Foundation, Norway; Survival International, London; UNESCO, Man and the Biosphere Programme